NYCxDesign Awards 2024 Recognizes 9 Stand-Out Brands

New York City's Design Week concluded this past May 16-23 with an award ceremony, recognizing the most innovative and impactful product designs across 29 categories.

In May 2024, NYCxDesign wrapped up its week-long program in New York City. This annual design festival explores themes of innovation, culture, inclusivity, sustainability, and resiliency. Hosting nearly 200 events, the festival spotlights works across multiple creative disciplines, including landscape, graphic, and product design, art, architecture, and technology.

Alongside a week of exhibitions, installations, talks, product launches, and tours, NYCxDesign announced its 9th annual awards. The NYCxDesign Awards highlight the most outstanding projects and products in the architecture and design (A+D) industry. This isn’t just an awards program; it’s a showcase of the biggest and best design trailblazers from around the world.

NYCxDesign Awards, presented by Interior Design 2024

Livingspace is honoured to have 9 of our design partners and 16 of their designs recognized as finalists and winners in this prestigious annual event.

NYCxDesign Award 2024 Livingspace Winners and Finalists 

Introducing the 14p: Bocci’s First Portable Lamp

Bocci, On The Go

Bocci’s newest creation, the 14p, their first-ever portable light, is now available at Livingspace.

Bocci 14 portable light

Bocci, founded by Creative Director Omer Arbel and Entrepreneur Randy Bishop, debuted with their first light, the 14, created in a modified barn in rural British Columbia. Today, Bocci is a renowned design group with a portfolio of over 20 sculptural lights, each named chronologically by its conception date. Every piece is developed, engineered, and fabricated in-house at their Vancouver design studio.

Bocci 14 series in it’s two other configurations: Wall & Ceiling, and the Random.

The latest release, the 14p, represents a natural evolution for Bocci, creating pieces that seamlessly integrate with the user’s lifestyle. Bocci’s focus is not just on lighting but on crafting atmospheres. Each 14 is handmade and unique, featuring distinctive air bubbles and cloudy clarity formed during the glassblowing process.

Bocci 14 portable light

With the new 14p, you can enjoy the same soft glow of the original 14, now with the convenience of a wireless, rechargeable design. The 14p is USB-C and LED compatible, charging in just 45 minutes and providing up to 80 hours of soft, ambient illumination. With a simple touch, you can choose from three illumination levels, blending function with elegance perfectly. 

Shop the Bocci 14p at Livingspace, now available in-store and online. 

Gufram’s CACTUS® Returns to the Livingspace Showroom in Two New Bold Interpretations

Gufram's most iconic prickly design has been reimagined for it's 50th anniversary.

Get your hands on a CACTUS® while supplies last.

Gufram & Guframini CACTUS® on the Livingspace showroom floor.

We’re celebrating half a century of the Gufram CACTUS®, an icon of Italian design, transforming the domestic landscape of what design can be through ironic grit, imagination, and humour of 1970s design. It’s more than an indoor-outdoor hall-tree; it’s a playful decorative piece that challenges the rigid norms of society, inviting free and often ambiguous interpretations.

The Guframini CACTUS® in 6 colourways at the Livingspace showroom.

For this special 50th anniversary of the daring CACTUS® sculpture, you can now find it in it’s original large-scale design, and the new Guframini. The Guframini CACTUS® is a perfectly miniaturized version of the iconic silhouette. This concentrate version sits on a scale of 1:8 to it’s original size, ideal for small extra small spaces. Available in 6 colourways.

Gufram has also continued their collaboration with Paul Smith, unveiling of the SUNRISE CACTUS® – a fresh colourway of the design originally conceived by Guido Drocco and Franco Mello in 1972. SUNRISE CACTUS® draws inspiration from the dawn of a new day and Paul Smith’s mantra, “every day is a new beginning,” which is also engraved on the objects’ base.

Discover the Gufram and Guframini CACTUS® models in-store at our Vancouver Showroom, situated in the Armoury District.

The Gufram & Guframini CACTUS®

Did you know each Gufram CACTUS® is handmade?

The iconic design is crafted from the original design mould – used since it’s inception, then carefully sculpted, and hand-finished by specialized artisans at Gufram’s Italian headquarters, ensuring each piece is unique. The surface features 2,165 polyurethane spikes (give or take a few), which are then painted with Guflac®, Gufram’s patented paint that maintains its flexibility and softness.

Arclinea’s Newest Kitchen to Canada

Celebrating our exclusive partnership with Arclinea kitchens nationwide, the Livingspace team is delighted to introduce the newest showcase kitchen at our Vancouver showroom. Experience the pinnacle of kitchen design and functionality with us.

As we finalize the last details, we’re thrilled to unveil one of Antonio Citterio’s most contemporary kitchen creations: Principia.

When conceptualizing Principia, Citterio’s primary focus was on upholding the fundamental philosophy of the kitchen as the heart of the home—a space where both physical and spiritual nourishment thrive. He seamlessly merged tradition with a fresh aesthetic and cutting-edge functionality, crafting a modern yet inviting environment where family and friends can gather. Thus, Principia derives its name from the term “principles,” emphasizing its commitment to the foundational values of the kitchen.

Arclinea display Principia kitchen at the Livingspace showroom in Vancouver, Canada.

Principia showcases signature natural-cut wooden doors with integrated handles, uniquely etched illuminated glass displays, sleek Mensolinea shelving, quartzTEC gravel hammered finish countertops and backsplash, built-in PITT cooktop burners, and more.

To learn more and experience Principia firsthand, visit the Livingspace showroom in Vancouver.

White Rock Project - 2023 Finalist of Western Living’s Home of the Year

It’s officially WL Home of the Year season, a time the editorial team looks forward to annually: turning  back the pages and reflect on all of the beautiful homes that have been published in Western Living and on 

Congratulations to the White Rock Project – nominated for the 2023 Western Living’s Home of the Year — On behalf of everyone involved on this very rewarding project, we are excited announce that White Rock has been named a finalist in this year’s Home of the Year competition presented by @westernliving and @pacificartstone.

The winner is selected by public vote on Western Living’s website. Please head to the link here to vote for the White Rock Project (Flex space #11.)

Furniture: Livingspace Interiors Vancouver by Ligne Roset
Interior Design: Andrea McLean
GC: KBC Developments
Millwork: Robin Woronko, Intempo Interors
Architecture: Randy Bens Architecture
Photography: Ema Peter
Styling: Marcela Trejo


We’re honoured to have been part of this beautiful project, great work to all involved.

Livingspace's Bonetti II House on Cover of Boulevard Magazine

Livingspace President and Founder’s home, the Bonetti II House, has been featured on the cover of Boulevard Magazine in their October 2023 issue.

With a 5 page story highlighting Ross Bonetti’s vision of the home at conception to stand-out features brought to life by Architects BattersbyHowatt and Livingspace Italian suppliers like Molteni&C, Poala Lenti, Porro, Technogym, LondonArt, Monte Clark Gallery and more.

Read more about the Bonetti II House in Boulevard’s digital October issue.

Read Boulevard's October 2023 Issue

Armoury District x IDS Vancouver, September 2023

Mark your calendars! An Exclusive Livingspace IDS Event & Armoury District Block Party is just around the corner.

Ligne Roset's Togo to take centre stage for Livingspace at IDS.

In honour of Ligne Roset’s famous Togo sofa turning fifty years old, Livingspace will be featuring a special Togo exhibition at this year’s IDS event. Convention attendees will get to experience the incredible comfort of the Togo, and have the opportunity to be entered to win a Togo Fireside Chair.

Livingspace will be hosting a special off-site IDS afterparty event.

Ringing in the first day of the Fall season and coinciding with IDS is another Armoury District block party on September 22, 2023, and Livingspace is pleased to be taking part once again. Local businesses will be opening their doors to welcome professionals and design & art enthusiasts for the Armoury District Block Walk, which runs from 4-7pm, immediately followed by a special off-site al fresco afterparty at Livingspace Interiors from 7-9:30pm (see below for details).

The evening will feature special guest Simone Vingerhoets-Ziesmann, Excecutive Vice President of Ligne Roset, music by DJ Nathalie, as well as snacks and refreshments courtesy of Chouchou Crepes, Nude Vodka and 33 Acres Brewing.

We hope to see you there!

Armoury District Block Walk.

Interior designers and design enthusiasts are invited to explore the many purveyors in the Armoury District, where they will be treated to many engaging displays and demonstrations, along with food & beverages at select locations.

The Armoury District x IDS Offsite
Friday, September 22, 2023
BLOCK WALK: 4 – 7pm
CLOSING PARTY: 7 – 9:30pm @ Livingspace Interiors

Follow us on social media and join the Livingspace community to get notified about this event, future events, limited time offers and more!


Forbes 2023 Interplay Summit

Last week, we had the pleasure of participating in Forbes’ inaugural Vancouver-based event, the 2023 Interplay Summit. The exclusive event featured a total of 6 panels with distinguished speakers from around the globe, and we were delighted to have Livingspace’s own Ross Bonetti as a part of the New Consumerism Forbes forum. The discussion delved into pivotal business trends shaped by the modern buyer and technology.

A Minotti and Galloti&Radice Showcase

Livingspace were honoured to enhance the summit experience with the exquisite furnishings of Minotti and Gallotti&Radice, setting the stage for the main panel discussions as well as the featured ADORE Lounge – a curated exhibition redefining the essence of luxury through arts and culture from around the world.

Capping off the day on a high note, we joined Forbes at the Interplay Gala to celebrate the summit’s highlights and contribute to fundraising efforts for The Vancouver Chinatown Foundation.

Remembering Rodolfo Dordoni

On August 1, 2023, the world of design lost a true visionary and creative mastermind, Rodolfo Dordoni. As an esteemed architect, interior designer, and product designer, Dordoni’s influence on the design industry has been nothing short of revolutionary. Throughout his illustrious career, he left an indelible mark on the world of aesthetics, inspiring countless designers and enthusiasts alike. Today, we pay tribute to this design legend and reflect on his enduring legacy.

Born in 1947 in Milan, Italy, Dordoni’s design journey began at the Politecnico di Milano, where he pursued a degree in Architecture. After graduating, he quickly rose to prominence, becoming one of the most sought-after designers in the industry. His work spanned across various disciplines, including furniture, lighting, and interior design, showcasing his versatility and creativity.

Dordoni’s design philosophy was characterized by a seamless blend of elegance, functionality, and innovation. He had an innate ability to infuse a touch of modernity into classic designs, creating timeless pieces that stood the test of time. His creations were not just objects of beauty; they were expressions of human experiences, transforming spaces into captivating narratives.

A Design Legend's Legacy Lives On

One of Rodolfo Dordoni’s most notable achievements was his collaboration with renowned Italian design brands. Perhaps his most notable affiliation is his collaboration with Minotti, which began in 1997 and where he served as Art Director since 1998. He also worked extensively with Roda, Molteni&C, Artemide, Flos, and many others. His iconic furniture pieces and lighting designs became staples in both residential and commercial spaces, leaving an enduring impact on the way we interact with our surroundings.

Beyond his design prowess, Dordoni was also a respected mentor and educator. He generously shared his knowledge and expertise, nurturing the next generation of designers. His commitment to passing on his wisdom ensures that his influence will continue for generations to come.

Dordoni’s legacy will continue to shape the industry and inspire budding designers to think beyond boundaries. His dedication to creating harmonious and functional spaces will continue to guide us in creating better living environments for all, and remind us that great design has the power to transform lives and touch the human spirit.

Livingspace Celebrates IDS Vancouver and 50th Anniversary of Togo

Luxury home furnishing retailer presents Ligne Roset keynote and hosts trade after party

VANCOUVER, B.C., July 27, 2023 – Livingspace, Vancouver’s leading destination for modern European home furnishings, announces its participation at the Interior Design Show Vancouver (IDS Vancouver), taking place at the Vancouver Convention Centre West from September 21-24.

For the design show’s highly anticipated Trade Day programming on Friday, September 22, Livingspace presents Ligne Roset & 50 Years of Togo, a discussion in design featuring keynote speaker Simone Vingerhoets-Ziesmann, Executive Vice President, Ligne Roset USA Corporation. Following a day of thought-provoking design programming, the brand will host The Official IDS after party, Presented by Livingspace – Ligne Roset & 50 Years of Togo, outside of its 30,000 square foot showroom, located in Vancouver’s creative hub, The Armoury District.

“IDS Vancouver is a renowned design show in this market and we are extremely grateful to be a part of it,” says Livingspace founder & president, Ross Bonetti. He continues, “we couldn’t be more excited to welcome Simone to Vancouver and honour 50 years of Togo, and we’re looking forward to inviting design experts and enthusiasts alike to the brand new Ligne Roset Shop at Livingspace where people can explore the legendary seating collection.”

Simone Vingerhoets-Ziesmann will join the IDS Vancouver Caesarstone Stage on September 22 from 1:30 – 2:30pm to share insights into the legacy of the renowned French design house and what’s ahead for the Ligne Roset brand. Following the talk, the after party will begin at 7pm and feature fun bites, creative cocktails, and an enticing giveaway. Open to all IDS Vancouver ticket holders, guests will have the opportunity to connect with peers and industry professionals in a social outdoor setting and explore Livingspace’s showroom and the new Ligne Roset Shop.

Known for its comfortable, informal and snug design, 2023 marks half a century for the iconic Togo seating collection, originally designed by Michel Ducaroy in 1973 for Ligne Roset. Reimagined for its anniversary year in La Toile du Peintre, a contemporary tapestry with a large graphic pattern and vibrant colours that reinterprets a work by painter Heather Chontos, the limited-edition Ligne Roset Togo collection can be found in Vancouver exclusively at Livingspace.

About Livingspace

Established in 1988 by Vancouver local Ross Bonetti, Livingspace has grown to become the city’s premier destination for modern furniture, kitchens, closets, bathroom and lighting. The concept for Livingspace was inspired by an appreciation for modern design, and the desire to create a unique, approachable and customer-centric retail environment catering to both the consumer and professional design community.

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