Gufram's most iconic prickly design has been reimagined for it's 50th anniversary.

Get your hands on a CACTUS® while supplies last.

Gufram & Guframini CACTUS® on the Livingspace showroom floor.

We’re celebrating half a century of the Gufram CACTUS®, an icon of Italian design, transforming the domestic landscape of what design can be through ironic grit, imagination, and humour of 1970s design. It’s more than an indoor-outdoor hall-tree; it’s a playful decorative piece that challenges the rigid norms of society, inviting free and often ambiguous interpretations.

The Guframini CACTUS® in 6 colourways at the Livingspace showroom.

For this special 50th anniversary of the daring CACTUS® sculpture, you can now find it in it’s original large-scale design, and the new Guframini. The Guframini CACTUS® is a perfectly miniaturized version of the iconic silhouette. This concentrate version sits on a scale of 1:8 to it’s original size, ideal for small extra small spaces. Available in 6 colourways.

Gufram has also continued their collaboration with Paul Smith, unveiling of the SUNRISE CACTUS® – a fresh colourway of the design originally conceived by Guido Drocco and Franco Mello in 1972. SUNRISE CACTUS® draws inspiration from the dawn of a new day and Paul Smith’s mantra, “every day is a new beginning,” which is also engraved on the objects’ base.

Discover the Gufram and Guframini CACTUS® models in-store at our Vancouver Showroom, situated in the Armoury District.

The Gufram & Guframini CACTUS®

Did you know each Gufram CACTUS® is handmade?

The iconic design is crafted from the original design mould – used since it’s inception, then carefully sculpted, and hand-finished by specialized artisans at Gufram’s Italian headquarters, ensuring each piece is unique. The surface features 2,165 polyurethane spikes (give or take a few), which are then painted with Guflac®, Gufram’s patented paint that maintains its flexibility and softness.