Bocci, On The Go

Bocci’s newest creation, the 14p, their first-ever portable light, is now available at Livingspace.

Bocci 14 portable light

Bocci, founded by Creative Director Omer Arbel and Entrepreneur Randy Bishop, debuted with their first light, the 14, created in a modified barn in rural British Columbia. Today, Bocci is a renowned design group with a portfolio of over 20 sculptural lights, each named chronologically by its conception date. Every piece is developed, engineered, and fabricated in-house at their Vancouver design studio.

Bocci 14 series in it’s two other configurations: Wall & Ceiling, and the Random.

The latest release, the 14p, represents a natural evolution for Bocci, creating pieces that seamlessly integrate with the user’s lifestyle. Bocci’s focus is not just on lighting but on crafting atmospheres. Each 14 is handmade and unique, featuring distinctive air bubbles and cloudy clarity formed during the glassblowing process.

Bocci 14 portable light

With the new 14p, you can enjoy the same soft glow of the original 14, now with the convenience of a wireless, rechargeable design. The 14p is USB-C and LED compatible, charging in just 45 minutes and providing up to 80 hours of soft, ambient illumination. With a simple touch, you can choose from three illumination levels, blending function with elegance perfectly. 

Shop the Bocci 14p at Livingspace, now available in-store and online.