Celebrating our exclusive partnership with Arclinea kitchens nationwide, the Livingspace team is delighted to introduce the newest showcase kitchen at our Vancouver showroom. Experience the pinnacle of kitchen design and functionality with us.

As we finalize the last details, we’re thrilled to unveil one of Antonio Citterio’s most contemporary kitchen creations: Principia.

When conceptualizing Principia, Citterio’s primary focus was on upholding the fundamental philosophy of the kitchen as the heart of the home—a space where both physical and spiritual nourishment thrive. He seamlessly merged tradition with a fresh aesthetic and cutting-edge functionality, crafting a modern yet inviting environment where family and friends can gather. Thus, Principia derives its name from the term “principles,” emphasizing its commitment to the foundational values of the kitchen.

Arclinea display Principia kitchen in Milan, Italy.

Principia showcases signature natural-cut wooden doors with integrated handles, uniquely etched illuminated glass displays, sleek Mensolinea shelving, quartzTEC gravel hammered finish countertops and backsplash, built-in PITT cooktop burners, and more.

To learn more and experience Principia firsthand, visit the Livingspace showroom in Vancouver.