Livingspace attends this year's Cause We Care's Annual Mother’s Day Luncheon fundraiser lunch at the A-OK Commissary.

About Cause We Care

Founded in 2007, Cause We Care Foundation is the Vancouver Lower Mainland’s single registered public foundation exclusively assisting single mothers. Strategically investing in the success of single mothers, Cause We Care supports programs and initiatives that empower these families to achieve economic security, build capacity and create a positive future for themselves and their children.

Through fundraisers, Cause We Care has created programs, community grants, support funds, care packages, beneficiaries and more to support women and their children in Vancouver’s Lower Mainland.

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Mother’s Day Luncheon

Cause We Care Foundation’s Mother’s Day Luncheon brought together 300 supporters in celebration of mothers and women. Presented by Osler and hosted by Aritzia at their A-OK Commissary, the event featured a cocktail reception, followed by a special 3-course menu.

Supporting sponsors Blue Ruby shared a curated selection of jewellery, as well as products from Midnight Paloma and The Cross, with 100% of proceeds going to Cause We Care.

Funds gathered from sponsor’s like Livingspace, and attendee’s at this year’s event support single mothers through the Single Mother Support Fund (SMSF) and Community Grants, which fund front line organizations delivering diverse programs to meet the needs of single mother-led families in the Lower Mainland.

The 2024 Luncheon