The New Roset Room at Livingspace

We’ve Revamped Ligne Roset’s Space at the Showroom

Visit the Livingspace showroom located in Vancouver’s Armoury district and explore Ligne Roset classic and contemporary designs such as the Togo seating system, Hemicycle armchairs, the Prado sofa, Pebble coffee tables, the Marechiaro shelving unit, and so many more.

The New Thea Kitchen From Arclinea At Livingspace

Two distinct complementary zones.

The new Thea kitchen from Arclinea at Livingspace interiors is a marvel in kitchen design.

A profile separating the doors that is also a handy solution for opening the units: this is the distinguishing element on Thea, shared by other models from the past that have successfully written the Arclinea story. Now, thanks to a series of details and project choices added by Antonio Citterio to the extreme practicality and aesthetic minimalism typical of handle-free kitchens, Thea enables the design of both Wet and Show kitchens. This well-defined concept is in line with the trend that sees the kitchen divided into two distinct yet complementary zones: the former with focus on work, the latter more for socializing and conceived for the living area. Perfectly integrated into the Collection as part of a single cohesive project, Thea’s links with the company’s history and philosophy are apparent even in its name, borrowed from the very first Arclinea kitchen in the sixties.

Living Divani at Livingspace

6 of the most popular Living Divani designs in the Livingspace shop-in-shop.

Living Divani is an Italian design company, founded in 1969 by Renata Pozzoli and Luigi Bestetti. Refined, harmonious proportions and a sense of understated luxury are the distinguishing features of this dynamic and vibrant family-owned company.

The Living Divani shop-in-shop at Livingspace Interiors displays an impressive array of some of the company’s most notable and popular designs – including sofas, chairs, coffee tables, small armchairs, tables, bookcases, storage units and carpets. Clients have the opportunity to work with our talented team of designers, who can provide space planning services and guidance on the brand’s extensive range of customization options.

Extrasoft Sofa

A modular sofa with a casual aspect and a soft, yielding and malleable comfort. Cosy and restful seats which can be placed next to each other in a geometrical configuration, but with irregular contours.

Extrasoft Bed

Designed by Piero Lissoni, the ExtraSoft Bed’s mattress area is surrounded by a perimeter of soft, regular volumes embellished with bold stitching. Their asymmetrical profile in relation to the headboard creates a desire to relax, while simultaneously conveying a sense of energy and personality.

Frog Chair

Available in a padded version for a warmer setting, the Frog Chair is a minimalist and lightweight option for the perfect summer look.

Confident Armchair

Perfectly suited for commercial or residential areas, the Confident Armchair presents rounded and welcoming shapes for a sophisticated taste centred on simplicity.

The collection recently also welcomed a new “Wood” version, incorporating a precious wooden shell into the design.

Greene Sofa

The Greene Sofa is available in fixed measures and is defined by gentle curves for a relaxed and casual profile. Ample cushions are contained within a structured yet soft frame, anchored by slender feet which enhance the system’s lightweight presence in the room.

Moon Coffee Tables

Originally launched as a bedside table in 2014, the Moon by Mist-o collection now comprises three new variants – Full Moon, a low and wide table with an upper hinged door; Moon Eclipse, a double volume that combines a low and wide cylinder with a satellite compartment that can be opened on one side; Moon Satellite, a container on wheels which displays impressive multifunctionality through two accessible compartments characterised by different sizes and capacity.

MDF Italia at Livingspace

Discover the most popular designs in the Livingspace shop-in-shop.

On a mission since its inception in 1992 to produce designer furnishings which embody a quest to make each space unique, MDF Italia’s success is rooted in its ability to represent contemporary culture, sense and anticipate trends and respond to changes in taste according to the requirements of modern living.

The MDF Italia shop-in-shop at Livingspace Interiors displays a collection of products which reflect the company’s core principles, centred on values of simplicity, respecting the intrinsic quality of every space through design.


Cosy comes from the idea to offer high comfort with a reassuring, warm and familiar form. Available in multiple iterations, including Cosy Sofa, Cosy Island and Cosy Curve, the collection’s timeless lines, soft and all-embracing design, adaptability and versatile character make Cosy a padded item that offers the utmost comfort in a wide range of situations, environments and frameworks.

NVL Table

A mono-material table, with contemporary lines and characterised by a strong personality. The distinctive features of Jean Nouvel’s architecture are fully manifested in this table and enhance the stylistic elements that have always distinguished his work: pure geometric shapes, formal lightness, graphic lines, rigour.

Rock Table

The iconic table, with its fluid and elegant silhouette, completely reveals the nature of what it represents: “a round table” that seems to float above a solid, inorganic base. A mixture of natural and industrial materials that are blended to create a new product with a smooth design, following the same philosophy of Flow collection.

Flow Dining Chair

Flow Chair was first designed in 2009 by Jean-Marie Massaud. Far more than just a chair, this versatile and flexible product, with its constantly evolving design, has developed over time into a family of products that can satisfy any requirement or style.

A curved seat and elegant profile blend in perfect harmony to ensure comfort and ergonomics alike. Flow Chair can be personalised thanks to a vast range of finishings and 7 different bases, blending against a variety of backdrops, from living rooms – both modern and classic in style – to the most sophisticated work environments, without radically changing its original nature.

Universal Dining Chair

Universal Collection is the name of the new family of seats designed by Jean-Marie Massaud for MDF Italia, which stands out for its impeccably elegant lines and extraordinary ergonomics.

In the chair and armchair with wooden backrest or fully upholstered, the three-dimensional back is the focal point of the seating. The concept was developed from a study on the curving of the wood which led to the definition of an innovative, now patented technology in which industrial design and craftsmanship merge.

Random Bookcase

An icon, an industrial masterpiece with an extraordinary irregular structure.A product that, with its geometries, favours light games, while with its modularity adapts to any living space, from the widest to the most reduced ones. Over the years, Random has extended its family, changing the concept of storage. For instance, with Random Box and Random Cabinet, objects can be both stored and shown off, while modules of different depth give an effect of considerable dynamism.

A Look At The 2023 Collection Of Molteni&C At Livingspace Interiors

It has been an exciting start to 2023 at Livingspace Interiors, which saw two brand new kitchens and a closet system from Molteni&C installed in our showroom, along with a whole new collection of furniture pieces from the Italian manufacturer.

Explore the new collections below, or visit the Livingspace showroom now to experience them for yourself!

Ratio Kitchen

The Ratio kitchen is characterized by clean lines, exquisite wood finishes and sleek metallic details, incorporating advanced technology and intelligent storage solutions that make cooking and entertaining a breeze.

Notable Features:

  • “Breccia Capraia” natural stone
  • Wood veneer in “Dark Elm”
  • Integrated LED lighting throughout

“The kitchen is developed over two layers: the structural layer, consisting of the uprights, and the surface layer. The interplay of vertical and horizontal lines gives the product a strikingly graphic and architectural expression…”

– Designer Vincent van Duysen

Intersection Kitchen

The Intersection kitchen from Molteni – characterized by its geometric shapes, striking use of contrasting materials, including wood, glass, and metal – is a contemporary masterpiece that showcases the brand’s design prowess and commitment to functionality.

Notable Features:

  • Kitchen islands consist of processed wood cabinets in Black Oak
  • Oval snack top with process wood veneer in Thermo Oak
  • Natural Lava stone worktop with knife edge

Gliss Master Closet System

The Gliss Master closet designed by Vincent Van Duysen for Molteni features a modular design that can be customized to fit any space, with a variety of finishes and accessories available to create personalized storage solutions.

Notable Features:

  • “Bamboo” doors in eco-leather
  • Glass “Sistema 7” bi-fold opening doors
  • Integrated LED lighting configured for functionality

The Molteni&C Furniture Collection

Photography by Juno Kim.

Porro Closets

On display now on the 2nd floor of the Livingspace showroom.

Storage System Door-Style Iron

Door-Style Oslo and Hub Island


Air System

Coro Italia 2022


The L3 Sunlounger, SG1 Lounge Chairs and Shot Low Table from Coro.


Shot Dining Table with SG1 Dining Chairs with arms.

Outdoor Showers

Doccia outdoor stainless steel showers, in small and large sizes.

Ready to meet your summer needs online and at the Livingspace Interiors showroom!