Eclectic Elegance

Baxter boldly intertwines vibrant and subtle hues, melding various materials and intricate craftsmanship to create a fusion of styles.

The Baxter brand draws eclectic inspiration from iconic and captivating designs of the past. This includes the Majorelle Blue adored by Yves Saint Laurent, and the iconic designs of the 1970s Pop Art movement.

Embracing multicultural influences, the Italian furniture leaders transform home spaces into veritable art galleries. Livingspace brings this distinctive mood and experience to Vancouver, offering a blend of sophistication and contemporary allure.

Jo sofa

The Jo Sofa embodies a heartfelt vision, offering modularity, multifunctionality, and iconic comfort. Its design pays homage to the expressive lines and material applications of the 1970s, reflecting the spirit of Pop Art, as envisioned by designers Draga & Aurel.

Jo sofa Baxter Livingspace

Complementing the Jo Sofa is the Ellie Armchair, brought to life by designer Christophe Delcourt. Vibrant and bold colours reminiscent of dynamic energy fill the atmosphere, casting aside life’s gloom. Inspired by the majestic Majorelle Blue, originating from Yves Saint Laurent’s Sahara Desert Garden, the hue exudes a hot, mysterious allure, enveloping spaces with deep, captivating charm. This infusion of joyful energy and delicate warmth evokes vivid imagery of “home,” constantly enriching people’s imagination. See more on their inspired aesthetic in the Baxter 2023 mood book.

Ellie Armchair Baxter Livingspace

Miami Soft sofa

The Miami Soft sofa, designed by Paola Navone, commands attention as the centerpiece of the living room. Its cylindrical backrest and plush, velvety texture elevate comfort, while its expansive and soft design expands social space. This thoughtful configuration enhances emotional connections, fostering deeper interpersonal communication.

Dining table, dining chairs

Crafted from Grand Antique d’Aubert marble, the Kate dining table boasts striking textures akin to paint splatters, adding a dynamic flair to its surface. Paired with the vibrant electric blue Jodie chair, the ensemble creates a refreshing contrast. Suspended above is the Wave pendant lamp, reminiscent of a chain bridge inspired by the majestic Tibetan Bridge in Claviere. Like a luminous pearl necklace adorning the ceiling, its unique and airy design instantly illuminates the space, infusing it with charm and elegance.

Clara bed

In the bedroom, a serene blush pink sets the main colour tone, evoking a tranquil ambiance. The Clara bed, crafted by Christophe Delcourt, features a rounded silhouette that exudes grace and soft femininity. Paired with the Jo armchair, offering a sense of relaxation and intimacy with its gentle embrace and soft textures.

Clara bed Baxter Livingspace

With a blend of electric blue, brass, and black reminiscent of Moroccan style, the fusion of Baxter furniture and hues creates a captivating home experience. It evokes the sensation of feeling the warm breeze from distant lands, enveloping one in a sense of exotic charm and comfort.