Contributing to improved quality of life.

Arclinea is an Italian manufacturer specializing in high-end kitchen furnishings with the mission of designing and building long-lasting kitchens. Steadfast commitment to improving the quality of life of their clients guides their every business decision, and is evident in the scope of their kitchen projects.

Originally founded in 1925 as a window and door manufacturer by Silvio Fortuna Senior, the company moved into the wood furnishings sector in the 1950’s. Having produced their first natural wood modular kitchen in 1958, a substantial shift toward marketing and product design signaled a move into the next chapter in Arclinea’s evolution.

Skilled artisanship fuelled by constant research.

Initially focused on the mass-production of kitchen furnishings, by the end of the 1980’s Arclinea had taken on a new identity as a leading innovator in the design industry, thanks to increasingly close collaboration with designer Antonio Citterio. His philosophy on integrating technical precision with function, and formal invention with spatial innovation transformed Arclinea into a brand leader in the modern kitchen design sector.

Arclinea’s production processes take place exclusively in Italy with no outsourcing. Their mandate is the pursuit of “total quality” through absolute knowledge of its materials, processes and technologies. In 2016, B&B Italia became the majority shareholder in Arclinea, accelerating its international growth. Since December 2018, Arclinea is part of Design Holding, a group that includes Maxalto, Flos and Louis Poulsen, in addition to Arclinea and B&B Italia.

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